SiteWhere 1.x EOL Warning
With the release of SiteWhere 2.0, the SiteWhere 1.x platform will no longer be actively maintained. The SiteWhere team will continue to provide bug fixes for the 1.x platform through the end of 2019, but no new features are planned. To start using SiteWhere 2.0, access the new website at the URL below:

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

The following tutorials provide step-by-step examples of integrating Raspberry Pi hardware with the SiteWhere platform.

Node-RED Installation

This tutorial provides a complete walkthrough for installing Node-RED on Raspbian and acts as a basis for other examples.

Node-RED DHT11 Sensor Tutorial

This tutorial builds on the initial Node-RED tutorial and illustrates how to read sensor data and forward it to SiteWhere with no coding. The flow registers the Raspberry Pi then monitors a DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor, forwarding the data to SiteWhere at an interval.

Node-RED DHT11 Server Logic Tutorial

This tutorial builds on the Node-RED DHT11 tutorial and illustrates how to use logic in the outbound processing pipeline to dynamically create alerts and issue commands to a device. The flow detects humidity levels above a threshold, generates an alert, then issues a command to the Raspberry Pi to flash an LED indicator.