SiteWhere 1.x EOL Warning
With the release of SiteWhere 2.0, the SiteWhere 1.x platform will no longer be actively maintained. The SiteWhere team will continue to provide bug fixes for the 1.x platform through the end of 2019, but no new features are planned. To start using SiteWhere 2.0, access the new website at the URL below:

SiteWhere User Guide

This guide is designed to help new users install and configure a SiteWhere instance. It also provides a reference for configuring the many features that SiteWhere provides.

Installation - Install SiteWhere on a local machine or in the cloud.

Global Configuration - Configure the global aspects of SiteWhere that are common to all tenants.

Tenant Configuration - Configure individual tenants with their own data store and processing pipeline.

Tenant Device Communication - Configure tenants to interact with devices and interact with external systems.

Administrative Application - Use the included HTML5 administrative application to configure a SiteWhere instance.